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Avoid carrier filtering

People are likely to report confusing or unwanted texts to their carriers. We put together a few tips to help you avoid carriers filtering your messages. 

  1. Use our Double Opt-In feature to get consent from your clients to receive messages or give them an option to opt-out if they rather not receive texts.  

  2. Make sure to identify yourself or your business in case a contact does not remember who you are or recognize the phone number you're texting from.

  3.  Message formatting is important. Overly long messages, overly capitalized messages, mysterious links, hyperbole, or using aggressive language can make contacts suspicious of your message and they may request to block your message to their carrier. 

  4. Mix in a variety of message content to decrease your risk of carrier filtering. Messages that are sent frequently with identical content endure an increased risk of carrier filtering.

  5. Adjust your message send rate so it is more consistent with a typical human interaction. Messages should stay under 10 messages per minute from a single phone number and under 500 unique recipients a day from a single phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my message was not delivered and I received an error?
Review this article to help you Troubleshoot message errors

How do I know if my messages are being filtered by a carrier?
In most cases, you will notice your message was delivered to your contacts, but there may be a couple of contacts who did not receive your message. Remember to hover over the error to learn why your message was not delivered. 

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