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Integrate your Intercom with Salesmsg inboxes
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The Salesmsg Intercom integration gives the ability to send & receive text messages seamlessly from Intercom without switching apps.

How it Works

To start you need to have accounts on both Salesmsg & Intercom with the same email address and admin rights to add integrations.

Integrating with Intercom

Here's how to connect Salesmsg to Intercom in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: From your Salesmsg settings, click "Integrations," choose "Intercom" and click "Connect."

  • Step 2: Select your Intercom workspace that you want to connect and click "Authorize Access," and you’re in.

  • Step 3: From your Integrations page in Salesmsg, choose one or a subset of your Salesmsg Inboxes that you want to map to your Intercom inbox, and start sending and receiving SMS via Intercom right away!

Send & Receive Messages Via Intercom

Now that you've connected Salesmsg with Intercom and mapped your inboxes, you can start sending and receiving SMS messages.

Inbound Text Messages

Every inbound text message to all your mapped inboxes will create conversations in Intercom with two tags:

  • Salesmsg SMS

  • Inbox Name

Outbound Text Messages From Intercom

In the inbox of your Intercom account, you’ll see the Salesmsg widget on the right hand side. From there, choose an inbox from a dropdown list you want to send an SMS from. Then, enter a recipient’s number, type your message and click on "Send" button.

Furthermore, if you have mapped your Salesmsg inbox with your Intercom inbox, then any inbound SMS messages sent to the Salesmsg inbox will automatically create a new conversation in your Intercom inbox. This feature ensures that all customer queries and messages are centralized in one place, making it easier for sales and support teams to manage and respond to them promptly. It helps you streamline your customer communication and provide a seamless experience to your customers.

How to reply to a message

You can reply to an inbound SMS message using either the Salesmsg widget on the right hand side or the main Intercom chatbox. To use the Salesmsg widget, just enter your message there and click “Send”. To use the Intercom chatbox, simply reply to the text message as you would do for any other Intercom conversation.

Automatic Tagging and Contact Creation

All Salesmsg conversations are automatically tagged with “Salesmsg SMS” tag in Intercom, which allows you to effortlessly route them to the right team with Inbox Rules providing the best possible customer support. Plus, our smart technology identifies if the inbound SMS comes from the contact that is already exists in your Salesmsg account. It will automatically map out the contacts for you, letting you know exactly who is texting you or creating a new contact if it doesn’t exist yet.

When connected Salesmsg App will create new properties in Intercom Contacts: “opt in status”, “inbox name”, “opt in date”, “opt out date”, “number type”, “carrier type”, “carrier name”, “inbox phone number”. These properties will be automatically updated depending on the activities happening. These properties allow you to set up automations, colculate analitics and keep track of contacts on both ends - Salesmsg and Intercom.

Customize Reports

Salesmsg integration with Intercom allows you to create custom reports to track the performance of your SMS conversations. Given that every Salesmsg conversation in Intercom is marked with conversation tags, you will be able to see understand your team performance within SMS channel versus other channels. Just use “Salesmsg SMS” as a filter in your Intercom report and analyze the data in Intercom or export it into another tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I see who is texting me in Intercom?

Yes, our system is checking the numbers of inbound SMS to map conversations to the right existing contact. If the contact doesn’t exist, we’ll create a new one automatically.

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