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The Salesmsg Intercom integration gives you a simple way to send and receive text messages right from your Intercom inbox without having to constantly switch apps.

How it Works

Integrating Salesmsg apps is very simple. All you need is an account on both apps with the same email address and Admin privileges on Salesmsg.

Integrating with Intercom

Connect Salesmsg to Intercom in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: From your Salesmsg settings, click "Integrations," choose "Intercom" and click "Connect"

  • Step 2: Select the Intercom workspace that you want to connect Salesmsg to and click "Authorize Access," and you’re in.

  • Step 3: From the Integrations page in Salesmsg, choose all or a subset of your Salesmsg Inboxes that you want to map to your Intercom inbox

2) Send & Receive Messages Via Intercom

Now that you've connected Salesmsg with Intercom and mapped your inboxes, you can start sending and receiving text messages.

Inbound Text Messages

Every inbound text message to all your mapped inboxes will create conversations in Intercom with two tags:

  • Salesmsg SMS

  • Inbox Name

This will be useful for you if you want to route conversations using Intercom's Smart Rules.

Outbound Text Messages From Intercom

To send outbound text messages from Intercom, add the Salesmsg widget by clicking on "Edit Apps" and pint Salesmsg

From there, you can use the Salesmsg widget to send outbound messages.

You can pick which of the mapped Salesmsg inboxes to use.

The receiving number will be automatically populated for you based don the conversation you are on.

Replying From Intercom

You can reply to an inbound SMS message using either the Salesmsg widget on the right-hand side or from the main Intercom chat box.

3) Setup 2-Way Contact Synchronization

You have full control over how you keep your contacts database in sync between Salesmsg and Intercom.

You can choose between one-way, two-way, or no syncing at all.

Contact synchronization works flawlessly for both creation of new contacts on both platforms and updating of existing ones.

4) Enable Timeline Events

To stay up to date with all your customer interactions on both Intercom web chat and Salesmsg SMS, you can choose to send Salesmsg timeline events to Intercom contact records.

5) Enrich Your Intercom Contacts

When you integrate Salesmsg to Intercom, your contacts will be automatically enriched with key Salesmsg attributes, such as number type and opt-in status.

6) Streamline Your reports

Salesmsg integration with Intercom allows you to create custom reports to track the performance of your SMS conversations.

Using the Salesmsg conversation tags, you can create custom reports for all your SMS conversations to manage performance and coach your team

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Salesmsg seat for all my intercom users?

You will only need to purchase additional Salesmsg seats for the Intercom users who need to send text messages through Intercom.

Can I close conversations from Intercom, or do I need to do that in Salesmsg?

You can close conversations on either platform, and the status will be synced.

Do I see who is texting me on Intercom?

Yes, our system is checking the numbers of inbound SMS to map conversations to the proper existing contact. If the contact doesn’t exist, we’ll create a new one automatically.

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