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Conversation Triaging: Sorting, Filtering and Autoclosing
Conversation Triaging: Sorting, Filtering and Autoclosing

Sort Your Conversations Based on Time and Priority

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Salesmsg introduces the ability to sort and filter your Conversation list based on multiple criteria, specifically time and priority. Currently, there are three new sorting options available: "Newest," "Oldest," "Priority First" and one new filtering option "Needs Response."

Available Sorting Options


What It Does

This sorting option organizes your conversations from the most recent to the oldest, based on the last activity, which could be an inbound or outbound message or even a call.

How It Works

Whenever a conversation receives a new activity, such as an inbound message, it will automatically move to the top of the list when sorted by "Newest." This ensures that you are always aware of the most recent interactions.


What It Does

This option reverses the "Newest" sorting, displaying the oldest conversations at the top of your list.

How It Works

The "Oldest" sorting is particularly useful for identifying and closing stale conversations that no longer contribute value to your inbox. It allows you to focus on conversations that may have been overlooked but require attention. It's crucial to understand that any new activity in a conversation categorized as "old" will automatically reposition it to the bottom of the list when using the "Oldest" sorting option. This ensures that the list remains dynamically updated, allowing you to focus on truly stale conversations that have not had recent interactions.

Priority First

What It Does

This feature introduces the ability to mark any conversation as a priority. A priority conversation will be indicated by a golden star symbol, similar to priority markings in inboxes.

How It Works

Priority marking is user-based and remains in effect whether the conversation is closed and/or reopened. When "Priority First" sorting is enabled, the app first selects all priority-marked conversations and sorts them by "Newest." It then takes the remaining (non-priority) conversations, sorts them by "Newest," and appends them to the list following the last priority conversation.

Needs Response Filter

The "Needs Response Filter" enables you to view a curated list of conversations that have not yet received your manual reply. Unlike the "Unread" filter already integrated into our app, conversations remain in the "Needs Response" queue even after you've read the incoming messages. Sending a text broadcast to your contacts won't be considered a manual reply, ensuring that the same conversations stay visible in your "Needs Response" filter post-broadcast.

Pairing the "Needs Response" filter with the "Oldest" sorting option gives you a clear view of conversations that have been waiting the longest for your attention, helping you prioritize more effectively.

Utilize this new filter in conjunction with the sorting options described above to better manage and prioritize your conversations according to your needs.

Autoclosing Conversations

You now have the ability to automatically close conversations based on either a period of inactivity or a contact's decision to opt-out.

To access these settings, navigate to the "Organization Settings" and locate the "Conversations" section. Here, you'll find two new options along with an additional setting:

Auto-Close Conversations: This feature enables you to automatically close conversations after a specified period of inactivity. Any message, call, or note created within a conversation is counted as an activity. Auto-closing is executed once daily at midnight UTC. When you first activate this setting, any conversations that have been inactive longer than your chosen threshold will be closed.

Auto-Close Unsubscribe: When enabled, this setting will automatically close any conversation in which the contact has replied with "STOP" to opt out of receiving further messages. Resubscribing is not an option unless the contact initiates it by texting "START" within the same conversation.

Versatility of Sorting Options

You can apply these sorting options across various filters such as Open, Closed, Unassigned, and more. The ability to combine filtering and sorting provides you with a powerful tool to manage and control the ever-increasing volume of conversations with greater efficiency and less effort.

Frequently asked questions

Why Aren't My Conversations Sorted as I Want?

Certain events, such as mass broadcasts, do not automatically update the sorting. This design choice enhances the platform's convenience and usability. To refresh the sorting, you can try reloading the page. If the issue persists, don't hesitate to reach out to us via the Intercom chat located in the lower right corner of the app.

How Can I Sort My Conversations Differently?

We welcome your input! Feel free to share your suggestions on our feedback page. We highly value our community and the feedback provided. If your request resonates with other users and gains traction, we will consider implementing the new sorting option.

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