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Using HubSpot Workflows, you can easily send your existing HubSpot contacts a mass text message from Salesmsg.

How to Send a Text Message (Right Now)

If you are wanting to send a text to a group of HubSpot contacts in a List right now without setting a specific date, then follow these steps.

Step 1: Create Your Workflow

If you are wanting to send out a text message to your HubSpot List, we recommend that you create a Contact-based Workflow and select Start from scratch.

Step 2: Set Your Enrollment Trigger

Select the enrollment button and choose List memberships. This will pull up the conditions to select the List you want to enroll.

Step 3: Create Your Text Message

Select a new action and search for Salesmsg to bring up the Salesmsg Actions...

  • Salesmsg: Send SMS

  • Salesmsg: Send SMS as Contact Owner

Salesmsg: Send SMS (tutorial)

This option gives you the ability to select the Salesmsg phone number you want to send the texts from. You can select your own Salesmsg phone number, a members number, a shared inbox number, or the shared short code number that's used for mass texting.

Salesmsg: Send SMS as Contact Owner (tutorial)

This option will enable you to send the text message from the phone number that's assigned to the HubSpot Contact Owner.

Step 4: Create Your SMS / MMS Text Message

After you select the Salesmsg action you want, then create your text message.

Step 5: Review Your Workflow and Turn it On

Click the Review button and choose your options. If you want the contacts that currently are in that list then select the Yes option.

After you turn it on, HubSpot will work it's magic and enroll people into the Workflow.

Happy texting!

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