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If you're wanting to get a HubSpot in-app notification when someone replies to your Salesmsg phone number, this article will show you how to set it up.

Create Your HubSpot Workflow

This will work best on a Contact Based Workflow.

Step 1: Select the "Salesmsg: Message Received" Option

After you click the Set enrollment triggers, then select the option Salesmsg: Message Received

Step 2: Select "Message Body"

This is the text message option that looks for the actual text message people send over to your Salesmsg number.

Step 3: Select "is Known" Option

By selecting "is known" then this will work whenever any message is received in Salesmsg.

Then save your enrollment trigger.

Step 4: Update the Re-Enrollment Settings

Edit the re-enrollment settings to select the Message Body so people can text it in and get re-enrolled multiple times.

Save the enrollment trigger and let's create a new action.

Step 5: Create an In-App Notification Action

Step 6: Create Your In-App Message

You can insert custom properties into your in-app message template.

Step 7: Save and Turn On Your Workflow

That's it! Now turn on your Workflow and watch the notifications come in. If you want to specify you will receive the notifications then you can get a bit more detailed within the conditions of this workflow.

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