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Salesmsg 2.0 Color Coding
Salesmsg 2.0 Color Coding

Explore Salesmsg 2.0 Color Coding guide step-by-step

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Activate the new Color Coding feature with just a tap in your Settings, and revolutionize the way you manage your inbox. With exclusive 2.0 Color Coding, no message goes unnoticed, ensuring every interaction receives the attention it deserves.

Here's how it works

  • Blue: Messages awaiting your attention for less than 8 hours will be bathed in a calming blue, indicating recent but not urgent messages.

  • Yellow: Messages lingering between 8 and 24 hours will shimmer in a yellow, prompting you to address them promptly before they become overdue.

  • Red: Messages that have patiently awaited your response for over 24 hours will boldly stand out in a striking red, signaling urgent attention is required.

Step 1: Try Salesmsg 2.0

If you do not use Salesmsg 2.0, you need to click on ‘Try Salesmsg 2.0’ button at the bottom of the page, as Color Coding is available only for 2.0.

Step 2: Access Inboxes Settings

In the Salesmsg 2.0, locate and tap on the "Settings" option in the navigation bar menu. Next, you’ll need to switch to the ‘Inboxes’ section and select the ‘Inbox’ you want to turn on Color Coding for.

Step 3: Access General Settings for Inbox

Within the selected Inbox Settings, choose ‘General’ and scroll down or navigate through the options until you find the "Color Coding" feature.

Once you've located the Color Coding feature, tap on it to activate the toggle.

Step 4: Back to Conversations Page

Exit the Settings and return to your Conversation Page to see the Color Coding in action. Messages will now be color-coded based on their time waiting for your attention.

With Color Coding enabled, you're now ready to efficiently manage your conversations. Prioritize your responses based on the color of each message, ensuring timely engagement and excellent customer service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I customize the time thresholds for each color?

Currently, the time thresholds for each color are predefined (less than 8 hours for blue, 8 to 24 hours for yellow, and over 24 hours for red). However, we're exploring options to allow customization in future updates.

Will Color Coding work for all message types?

Yes, Color Coding applies to all incoming messages within the Salesmsg platform, regardless of their origin or content.

Can I disable Color Coding if I prefer the standard inbox view?

Yes, you can disable Color Coding at any time by returning to your Inbox Settings and toggling the feature off.

Is Color Coding available for all Salesmsg subscription plans?

Yes, Color Coding is a feature exclusive to Salesmsg 2.0 and is available to all users with active subscription plans.

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