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Migrate from ZipWhip to Salesmsg

No matter how you're using ZipWhip today, easily transition to Salesmsg.

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Salesmsg is an extremely powerful, yet flexible system for solopreneurs and teams of all sizes. Not only is our system scalable for your organizations needs, but we have options tailored for all.
ZipWhip is comparable to Salesmsg so as a former ZipWhip user you'll find lots of similarities in our features and integration options.
Our team will help you migrate your contacts and phone numbers to our system so you're up and running with your new tool quickly.


ZipWhip is sunsetting and Salesmsg is here to help! We have the features to help you succeeded and have helped many ZipWhip users in their efforts to secure their business communication future.

ZipWhip account can be easily migrated via this simple process. First thing first, start your free Salesmsg trial.


1. Go to numbers, choose Add ZipWhip

2. Login to your ZipWhip account. Make sure to provide your Zipwhip username in this section, and not your email. Your username includes your Zipwhip phone number, e.g.: example@(423) 123-4567.

3. Select a phone number (even if you already have one, we'll enable it later). You can migrate one ZipWhip number at a time.

4. Enter your address

5. Verify your ownership

6. Sign the LOA

7. Assign the number to your inbox

8. Import your contacts, conversation history, triggers, templates and team members to Salesmsg.

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Afraid you'll miss out on some features? Don't we've got the features to help you succeed:

  • Group texting

  • Custom fields

  • Voice & SMS/MMS

  • Merge Fields for dynamic personalization

  • Canned Messages

  • Integrations

  • So much more!

Can't find what you're looking for? Check our other linked resources or ask our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about Salesmsg?

Our help center & youtube channel are rich resources, but our team can address any questions.

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