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NEW! Analytics & Reporting
NEW! Analytics & Reporting

Get actionable insights for Performance, Messages, Calling, Conversations, and more!

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With the Analytics feature, all the key insights you need to understand how well your team is using Salesmsg are one click away.

Accessing Analytics

The Analytics dashboards area accessible by clicking on the Analytics icon on the left panel.


You have seven views to chose from based on the area of the platform you are interested in analyzing.


The overall view gives you a bird's eye view on key metrics including Performance, Messages, and Calls.

All the metrics are clickable and and will take you to a detailed dashboard for deeper analysis.


In the Conversations dashboard you have access to the following metrics:

  • Total: The number of conversations that were created within the selected time period.

  • Open: Conversations that are still open within the same time period.

  • Closed: Conversations that were closed within the same time period.


The Messages dashboard gives you a detailed breakdown of your messaging activity with the following metrics:

  • Total Inbound

  • Total Outbound

    • Delivery rate: % of messages that were delivered successfully to your customers

    • Error rate: % of messages that failed in the sending process

    • Spam rate: % of undelivered messages that failed due to carrier violations, such as detected spamming behavior

  • Opt-outs


This dashboard gives you a detailed overview of your Calling activity for both Inbound and Outbound calls. Both are further broken down into the following metrics:

  • Avg Duration

  • Answered

  • Unanswered

NOTE: Duration is measured in Minutes:Seconds (e.g 1:03 means 1 minute and 3 seconds)


The performance dashboard gives all the data you need to understand how well your team is using Salesmsg. Three key metrics are available for you to evaluate your performance:

  • Avg Time To First Response: The average time it takes the members of your team to respond to the first incoming messages

  • Avg Time to Response: The average time it takes the members of your team to respond to incoming messages

  • Avg Time to Close: The average time it takes your team to close open conversations

NOTE: All the above metrics are measured in Hours:Minutes (e.g 34:25 means 34 hours and 25 minutes)

In addition to overall team performance, all the above metrics are broken down by team member in the table found under the graph.


The Contacts dashboard, helps you understand changes to your list of contacts in Salesmsg with these metrics:

  • Total Contacts

  • Active Contacts

  • Opted Out


The Conversions dashboard gives high level metrics as well as a detailed breakdown for all Conversions you have created and used in your Broadcasts and Triggers.

Credit Usage

Lastly, the Credit Usage dashboard allows you to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of credit usage within a specific timeframe. The dashboard provides an overview as well as a detailed breakdown for all credits that were used for messages and calls starting from January, 1st 2023.


All of the Analytics dashboards come with a set filters to help you drill down and uncover the insights you are after.

Attribute Filters

Date Filter

Email Notifications

In addition to viewing the Analytics dashboards on the Salesmsg app, you can also set up email notifications to receive your analytics report by email.

To set up email notifications, navigate to Personal Settings and then click on Notifications. You can vary the frequency of the email to daily, weekly or monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the dashboards updated?

The dashboards are refreshed in real-time.

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