Understanding Message Statuses

Outlining the statuses for messages sent by Salesmsg

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When you click 'Send' on a message in Salesmsg, this text will be added to our current outbound queue to be sent as quickly as possible. Occasionally, the message may take a few seconds to go out. Fortunately, we'll show you in the application very clearly if there are any issues.

Delivered - the message has been sent and a successful delivery receipt has been collected by Salesmsg. Salesmsg shows you the timestamp it was delivered

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Scheduled - any message that is scheduled to be sent will include a grey background until the message is sent at the scheduled time. You have the option to cancel the send of this message.

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Failed - When your message is not delivered to its end destination, Salesmsg will display an error icon and error code to confirm why your message was not delivered. If you hover over the red icon, you'll see a specific error code outlining why the message was not received.

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Error Codes:

30003 : Unreachable destination handset : The destination carrier reports the “To” number is unreachable, the device is likely powered down, out of the service area, or may not accept your message.

30004 : Message blocked : Your message has been blocked from reaching the destination by carrier.

30005 : Unknown destination handset : The destination carrier is reporting the To number is unknown, or no longer in service. This error indicates that the recipient's phone number is not recognized or does not exist.

30006 : Landline or unreachable carrier : The destination is a landline phone, or the destination carrier can’t be reached.

30007 : Carrier Violation : The destination carrier is filtering out your messages. Reach out to our Support team to learn how we can help ensure your messages are delivered.

30008 : Message Expired : This error indicates that the message could not be delivered within the allowed time frame.

30009 : "Message Rejected : The carrier rejects the message due to various reasons, such as spam, content violation, or an unreachable destination.

30010 : Message Undeliverable : This error is a generic undeliverable message code that can result from various issues, including issues on the carrier's side.

30011 : MMS not supported by the receiving phone number in this region : The phone number or network do not support MMS in this region.

30012 : Insufficient Credit : This error occurs when the sender's account does not have enough credit to send the message.

30013 : Maximum Rate Exceeded : This error indicates that the sender has exceeded the allowed sending rate.

30017 : Carrier network congestion : Carrier network congestion is a carrier-side error that occurs when there are large spikes in SMS traffic.

30019 : Content size exceeds carrier limit: Different carriers have varying size requirements for MMS, and you may encounter this error if your MMS is larger than the specified size limit.

30023 : Daily Message Cap Reached : Each 10DLC number has it's own daily message cap per Carrier. When the cap is reached this error will show up.

30024 : Numeric Sender ID Not Provisioned on Carrier : The Number you are trying to send from does not currently have Numeric Sender ID on specific Carrier. If encountered on a new local number or with a new 10DLC registration it could take a brief period of time for all carriers to provision the number to your campaign.

30032 : Toll-Free Number Has Not Been Verified : Carrier filtering for non verified Toll-Free numbers.

30034 : Message from an Unregistered Number : Number you are using is not registered to use in A2P10DLC flow.

30035 : Message from a number still being configured : Number you are using is under Review by Carriers.

30410 : Provider Timeout Error: Timeout occurred on the Carrier side.

63010 : Internal system error.

30034 : Message from an Unregistered Number : Messages sent to US numbers are not delivered if they are sent from numbers that are not associated with an approved A2P 10DLC Campaign. Learn how to register for 10DLC here.

Frequently asked questions

Do I pay for messages that are not delivered?

Most of the time yes, every message Salesmsg attempts to send, whether it is delivered or not, will use message credits to attempt to send. If the message errors before we try to send it, it's free.

I'm doing everything right but my errors persist

Please contact support with examples from your three most recent error examples and we can identify the issue then correct it!

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