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Phone Numbers cost $5/mo or $50/yr depending on if you're paying your subscription fees monthly or annually.

However, the purpose of this article is to review and understand the nuance of the costs of adding additional inboxes since the price you are quoted at checkout may raise some questions.

Prorated costs

Since the cost of the inbox is $5 a month or $50 a year Salesmsg calculates the amount of time you have until your subscription renews and charges you accordingly.

I.e Your subscription is billed monthly, on the first. The inbox is added on the 15th, you're charged $2.5 today and your subscription costs increase by $5/mo

Adding inboxes quickly

Should you be setting up your account and adding inboxes quickly you might observe the cost of the inbox double or even compound exponentially.
The problem is we're asking Salesmsg to add a new inbox, after adding the previous one (which it does). However, just prior to doing so we check to see how much this will cost your subscription. When we check the subscription the second time, we see your subscription is not reflecting the first inbox that was added so we return a message saying the second inbox is going to cost the price of two inboxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the first additional phone number free?

No, for all additional numbers beyond the first it is $5/mo or $50/yr.

How do I know I'm paying the correct cost for my inbox?

Just prior to adding a new inbox, Salesmsg tells you how much we're going to charge you today for the inbox. If that price changes after the first inbox purchase, wait a minute before adding the next and verify the cost is consistent.

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