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Did you forget that this contact only wants to hear from you at a very specific time, or what about that the phone number you have is only good Monday-Wednesday 🙈

Don't let your contact's needs fall by the way-side, be like the elephant and never forget the nuances of your contact's preferences or personalities!


Leave a note under the "contact card" section of your contacts. It's easy and you can leave really insightful information like "Don't call this contact, SMS only"

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Next Steps

  1. Keep things moving, and add as many notes to your contact record as you like.

  2. Search for this contact from another inbox in your Organization and your note will follow

  3. Use the "more" & "less" button to view all notes or just the most recent two

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are contact notes Organization-wide?

Yes, they are, you can see your colleague's notes and vice versa!

How many notes can I add to a contact?

There is no limit!

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