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Active Campaign x Salesmsg Drip Campaign
Active Campaign x Salesmsg Drip Campaign

Drip messages after your contacts.

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With our integration, you can construct a drip campaign that will message your contacts as frequently and for as long as you set it up to do so. When your contact replies, easily remove them from the automation.


First things first, once a Salesmsg account has been registered go to your settings -> integrations and connect to Active Campaign. If you'd like a more elaborated explanation of how to integrate check out this article first.

Create the automation

  1. Create an Active Campaign Automation

  2. Set enrollment criteria (you can always enroll manually later, but you'll need to pick something here for now)

  3. Follow this guide, to configure your Salesmsg message action if this step is unfamiliar.

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Making the Drip

The point of the drip campaign is to continue to automatically send messages until you've gained your desired outcome from the contact. The desired outcome for this campaign will be to gain a reply from our contact.
How can we tell Active Campaign that we've received a Salesmsg message from the right contact? The simplest way is to add a single manual step to our process which is to apply an Active Campaign tag from your Salesmsg conversation page when you respond to their message.

  1. After the initial message, create a delay action found under "conditions and workflow". Configure this for as long as is appropriate for your campaign.

  2. After the delay action, create an If/Else action also found under "conditions and workflow". My tag is called "Responded" and when it's applied to an Active Campaign contact we can dictate which path down our automation they go.

  3. If the contact in the automation has the "Responded" tag on their Active Campaign contact record that will end the campaign and they will not receive any more messages. If there is no "Responded" tag, they continue on.

  4. Once your contact replies, navigate to the "Linked Active Campaign Contact" section of the contact card, enter the tag, and click "Apply tag"

    Screen Capture on 2021-12-10 at 16-38-39.gif
  5. Now the next time the contact is evaluated at an If/Then action for this tag, they will be unenrolled from the drip campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Zapier Apply the Active Campaign Tag to my Contact When They Reply?

No, there is no Zapier action to "apply tag" however there may be some method using Zapier and some criteria in ActiveCampaign to check against to eliminate the tagging step.

Does Salesmsg offer native Drip Campaigns?

Not at this time, but we are always looking for user validation to build our features let us know what you'd like here!

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