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Welcome to Salesmsg 2.0 BETA, the latest upgrade crafted to elevate your messaging and calling experiences. In this redesign, we've infused Salesmsg with a modern, sleek new look, coupled with a host of benefits.

By stepping into Salesmsg 2.0 BETA, you're embracing more than just an aesthetic overhaul. You're positioning yourself at the forefront, ready to leverage exclusive features that will distinguish this version from its predecessor, Salesmsg 1.0.

How to Switch to Salesmsg 2.0 BETA

To explore the new design enhancements, just click the "Try Salesmsg 2.0" button found in the bottom left corner of your screen. Upon activation, you'll immediately gain access to the revamped Conversation page, unlocking a world of enhanced functionality and aesthetics.

Please be aware that, for now, only the Conversation page has received an update in Salesmsg 2.0 BETA. However, we're actively working on extending this new design to additional Salesmsg pages. Stay tuned for more updates!

The Features You Love, In A New Look

2-Way Texting and Calling

Continue to enjoy the robust features of 2-way texting and calling with Salesmsg 2.0 BETA. Experience comprehensive conversation histories, manage timelines, handle text messages, and more:

  • Private Conversations: Equip team members with dedicated personal numbers for confidential text conversations.

  • Group SMS: Engage multiple participants in group chats for streamlined communication.

    Emojis: Inject expression and personality into your messages with a diverse range of emojis.

  • Attachments (PDF, Docs, & More): Seamlessly share files, invoices, vCards, images, and more with contacts via SMS.

  • Short URLs: Use the SMS link shortener to transform long URLs into short ones, enabling click, conversion, and revenue tracking.

  • Canned Responses: Enhance efficiency with 1-click responses through pre-defined templates for common queries.

  • Schedule Text Messages: Organize your communication by scheduling messages to be sent at future dates and times.

  • AI-Assistant: Leverage the power of the built-in AI assistant for crafting personalized responses quickly.

  • Ringless Voicemail: Conveniently drop custom audio messages into voicemails without causing the phone to ring.

  • Internal Notes: Foster team collaboration with the ability to add internal notes to conversations for behind-the-scenes communication.

  • Outbound Calling: Initiate outbound calls directly from Salesmsg numbers on any device.

  • Receive Inbound Calls: Ensure you're always reachable with instant notifications for incoming calls across devices.

  • Call Forwarding: Guarantee you never miss a call by forwarding them to your mobile, landline, or office lines.

  • Call Recording: Opt to record calls on-demand or automatically for easy reference later.

  • Call History: Easily view your call history within contact timelines, mirroring the visibility of text messages.

Inbox Management

Navigate through your inboxes effortlessly using the left sidebar. Group, favorite, or mute notifications to tailor your inbox according to your preferences. Experience the same seamless inbox management you loved in Salesmsg 1.0.

Conversations List Management

Explore your conversations within the selected inbox with enhanced features. Utilize bulk actions, manage individual conversations through the dropdown menu, apply sorting options, and more – the familiar functionalities in Salesmsg 1.0.

Search and Filter

Navigate through your inboxes by name or number, or explore the enhanced filters available for your conversation lists.

Simply click on the Search icon, where you can seamlessly type in your search request. Take advantage of the updated filters by pre-selecting specific criteria, ensuring a swift and precise discovery of matches within your conversations.

Leave Your Feedback

Your feedback is crucial to the continuous improvement of Salesmsg. We value your insights to ensure that the redesigned platform meets and exceeds your expectations. Here's how you can leave feedback and contribute to stabilizing and enhancing the redesign:

  • Direct Communication: Reach out to Salesmsg customer support through email, chat, or any available support channels. Customer support teams are here to assist with any concerns, answer questions, and guide you through the redesigned features.

  • Report Issues Promptly: If you encounter any technical issues or glitches, report them promptly to the customer support team [email protected]. Include details such as the steps leading to the problem, screenshots if possible, and any error messages you may have received.

  • Feedback Survey: Help us by taking a moment to share your thoughts and experiences through our feedback survey. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping the future of Salesmsg. Thank you for your participation!

Keep an eye on Salesmsg official communication channels, including social media, newsletters, and blog updates. Information about new releases, enhancements, and improvements will be shared through these channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I switch back to the old design?

Yes, you can revert to the previous design at any time by clicking on the "Switch Back" option.

Q: When can we expect other Salesmsg pages to be redesigned?

We are actively working on updating other Salesmsg pages, and you can expect a gradual rollout in the upcoming releases.

Q: Are there any additional charges for accessing Salesmsg 2.0?

No, the redesign is part of your existing Salesmsg subscription, and there are no additional charges for accessing the new features.

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