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Integrating with Aircall
Integrating with Aircall

Use your existing Aircall phone number with Salesmsg texting.

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Using Your Existing Aircall Numbers with Salesmsg

With the Aircall x Salesmsg integration you can use your existing Aircall phone numbers to send, receive, and manage text message conversations on Salesmsg. Add Salesmsg insight cards to instantly access your Salesmsg conversations with your contacts from the AirCall application. As well as adding AirCall events to your Salesmsg conversation thread so you're always aware of what's happening with the conversation of the contact!

First Step

To get started, confirm that your Aircall number is configured for Salesmsg messaging by contacting AirCall. Once your number is configured by AirCall for Salesmsg navigate to your Salesmsg settings for integrations.

Integrating with Aircall

  1. Be logged into the Salesmsg Organization Owner account

  2. Navigate to settings and select the blue connect button across from the AirCall icon.

  3. Login to AirCall and select any number from the dropdown.

Assigning your numbers

When your number has an "enabled" status it will be ready to assign!

  1. Open your AirCall settings, under your Salesmsg settings for integrations.

  2. Select "Assign number"

  3. Select if you'd like to assign it to an existing member or a new member
    You can also replace an existing Shared Inbox number or add a new shared inbox

  4. Verify your number is working by sending and receiving one message.

You can also assign an Aircall number when you create a New Inbox.

Aircall Insight Cards

Ever wish you could send a follow-up text to a contact you’re chatting up on the phone? Now, using Aircall’s insight cards you can click into your Salesmsg insight card while on a call with a contact. Or when you’re peeking at their contact record. It will take you directly into their Salesmsg conversation. Maybe you’ve chatted with them before, maybe you’d like to catch up on the history.

AirCall conversation events

All-day we hop between multiple apps, so having a centralized timeline of events ensures we don’t miss any critical information. We’ve built an easier way for you to see all Aircall call history on your Salesmsg timeline without switching back and forth between apps.

Turn off AirCall phone call timeline entries

If your timeline is getting swamped with phone call entries and think your conversations should look a bit cleaner, or if you just prefer to have all phone call entries turned off, you can find that option within the AirCall integration Settings.

Search for your Aircall number

You can search for a specific number on your Aircall integration page to assign it or check it's status. If you don't see your number on the list either select "refresh numbers" or search for your number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Aircall numbers send SMS and MMS?

If you have an existing Aircall number, your number may not have MMS capabilities. If you prefer to have a number with SMS & MMS, we can provide you a Salesmsg number.

What other numbers can I text enable?
If you have a true landline number, we can text enable those! Or if you want to learn about porting over your number into Salesmsg from another carrier, you can read more about that, here.

Troubleshooting your Aircall integration
If your texts suddenly stopped sending, it could be that the Aircall integration in the admin's dashboard may have been disconnected. Check the Salesmsg Organization Owner/Admin account to reconnect the integration if necessary. If you're integrated but your texts are still not sending, try disconnecting and reconnecting your Aircall integration to refresh the connection.

Multiple Aircall numbers

You can have multiple Aircall numbers in your dashboard and throughout your team. Once the Organization Owner is integrated any number in your AirCall dashboard can be set up for Salesmsg SMS.

How can I tell if my integration is disconnected?

Should an error occur on AirCall or Salesmsg that disconnects your integration, the next time you log in to Salesmsg you'll see a large status bar at the top of your Salesmsg conversation page indicating your integration has disconnected.

Can I see who made an AirCall outbound call in Salesmsg?

Your AirCall outbound calls are registered in Salesmsg. You can easily see who on your team made a call in the timeline - making it easy to make sure the right people are always getting through.

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