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How to add your Salesmsg number to your Instagram channel

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You can now set up your Instagram channel to accept text messages with your Salesmsg number.


When someone texts you from your Instagram channel, the texts will get sent to your Salesmsg inbox!

Step 1

Select your profile, and then the "edit profile" button.

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Step 2

From the edit profile page, select "contact options" and add your Salesmsg phone number in the phone number field!

Screenshot on 2021-03-17 at 16-53-17.png

Step 3

Under the "how would you liked to be reached" section select Text!

Screenshot on 2021-03-17 at 16-54-49.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Does adding my number to Instagram cost anything?

No you can do this with a free Instagram account!

My Instagram account does not have a "contact options" field

This is because you're using a Personal Instagram account vs a Professional Instagram account. Reach out to Instagram for more details on the difference between the two.

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