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Simple, scalable, transparent pricing

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Simple, scalable, transparent pricing

Upgrade, downgrade, or add credits at any time. At Salesmsg, we make our plan and credit pricing as transparent as possible so you're never guessing about monthly costs for your SMS campaigns.

Every Salesmsg plan includes a number (either local or toll-free) as well as a user seat. Additional numbers and seats can be added at any time.

Trial accounts

Feel free to sign up for a FREE 14-day trial of Salesmsg. We'll include 25 message credits to send a few texts and confirm Salesmsg is right for your business.

You can upgrade your account to any of the plans below through your settings under the Billing Overview section. Locate the green upgrade button and choose your preferred plan.

Monthly Plans

Salesmsg offers flexible month-to-month pricing which can be adjusted in-app using our pricing slider.

On a monthly plan, your account will receive a set amount of monthly message credits to be used by all numbers in the account. At the beginning of the new monthly term (30 days), Salesmsg will replenish the balance of credits with the amount set by the plan.

Annual Plans

Salesmsg offers an annual term plan for standard and custom credit volumes to maximize potential discounts. On average, Annual plans receive up to 20% off as compared to monthly pricing.

Just like with our monthly plan options, Annual plans will receive a set amount of monthly message credits to be used by all numbers in the account.

All Annual Salesmsg plans will be charged a single annual invoice for the plan, all users, and additional numbers associated with the account. Any changes made mid-term will be prorated so everything renews all at once.

Custom Plans

If you're looking for something more custom to your business, we can help! Reach out to our sales team at (888) 409-2298 or start a chat with our team to schedule a call.

Pay As You Go

We have a great option for customers who don't need a recurring subscription of credits where you can purchase credits only when you need them. On this plan, you can purchase credits via the 'Add Credits' button in your account.

Please note that certain features will have limitations on the PAYG (Pay As You Go) plan, and you will be prompted to upgrade to a higher-tier subscription in order to fully utilize them.

Legacy Plan Customers

All legacy plans created before November 30, 2021, are grandfathered into their current price and will remain on their current plan until they are upgraded to a currently offered plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What plan am I currently on?

To see your current plan, head over to the Billing Overview and you'll see the plan name.

What other fees are associated with Salesmsg?

If you'd like to add your team or interact with customers with through additional numbers (say for a different team within your company), the more the merrier! You can easily add additional seats and numbers within the Salesmsg platform. We have a graduated pricing model where the more users and numbers you need, the less you pay per-unit.

Carrier fees are typically small surcharges applied by mobile carriers on certain types of message traffic. Carrier fees, where applicable, are charged per message credit for SMS, and per message for MMS.

Each time you send out a message, Salesmsg checks with the carrier what type of message it is and what kind of number it’s coming from. We'll summarize this data for inbound and outbound traffic and pass it along directly once a month in a separate invoice that outlines the SMS and MMS traffic respectively.

Does message length impact credit consumption?

In short, yes. We wrote a great article outlining exactly how credits are used in Salesmsg and how message length impacts your credit balance.

Does Salesmsg offer roll over credits?

Monthly plan credits (whether on a Monthly or Annual plan) do not roll over at the end of each monthly cycle. With that being said, any credits purchase a la carte, will roll over until that balance has been used.

What happens when I run out of credits?

Not to worry! Salesmsg has a great feature called Auto-Recharge to ensure you never run out of credits. By enabling Auto-Recharge, you can set a balance threshold to have credits automatically replenished when your credit balance falls below that set amount. Configure Auto-Recharge

How do I cancel my account?

Go to your Billing Overview settings and click on Cancel your account. You'll be prompt to complete a cancellation form that is reviewed by our support team who will confirm your account cancellation. You can also view our billing policy here.

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