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NEW! How to Add SMS to HubSpot Conversations Inbox (BETA)
NEW! How to Add SMS to HubSpot Conversations Inbox (BETA)

Easily reply to text messages from your HubSpot Conversations inbox.

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This feature is currently in BETA.

With our new Email-to-SMS feature, you can easily reply to text messages right from your HubSpot Inbox to send your SMS.

Step 1: Create a New HubSpot Inbox

The first step is to create a new HubSpot Inbox or if you already have an inbox you can add enable this to there as well and can skip this step.

Give your new inbox a name that matches the purpose of the Inbox...

Then select a Team email...

And select Other mail account.

Once you've created your inbox, then copy the Inbox email address. We'll be pasting this in Salesmsg so the incoming messages get sent to this email.

Step 2: Add Your HubSpot Email to Salesmsg

Next we want to add your HubSpot email to your Email-to-SMS settings in Salesmsg. Head over to Organization Settings > Email to SMS and select the inbox you want to receive email notifications to, then add your new HubSpot inbox email.

That's it!

How to Reply to Text Messages

Once you receive incoming SMS messages, they'll appear in your new HubSpot inbox. Just reply to the message just like an email and an outgoing SMS will be sent to the contact. Your incoming messages and replies from the same person are consolidated in one thread. All contacts that exist on your HubSpot account can be quickly found via “HubSpot Contact” link in the conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to see the history of my conversations done via mail with timestamps?

Yes, we've made it possible. All users can see the complete history of conversations with timestamps on HubSpot so the context of the conversation will never slip away.

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