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Understanding and Using Message Signature

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Introduction to Message Signature

The Message Signature feature enables users to create a personal signature that will be automatically appended to all manually sent outbound messages. This feature is designed to add a personal touch or professional closing to your communications.

Key Features and Limitations

  1. Signature Length: Your signature must be concise, not exceeding 100 characters.

  2. Content Restrictions: Signatures cannot include links. This is to ensure the integrity and simplicity of your messages.

  3. User-Based Configuration: Each user can set up and save their own unique message signature. This means the signature you create is exclusive to your account and messages.

  4. Applicability: The signature is only added to manually sent outbound messages. Automated messages, such as those from broadcasts or workflows, will not include your personal signature.

  5. Character Count Inclusion: The characters in your message signature are counted as part of the total character count in your message. Keep this in mind, especially when dealing with character limits in your messages.

Setting Up Your Message Signature

To set up your message signature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate Message Signature icon in the bottom left corner of your message box.

  2. Click it to enable message signature.

  3. Enter your desired signature, keeping in mind the length and content limitations.

  4. Send your messages.

  5. Click the icon or remove the text from the signature to disable it.


The Message Signature feature is a simple yet powerful tool to personalize your communications. By understanding its limitations and proper usage, you can effectively use this feature to enhance your messaging experience.

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