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Two-Factor Authentication

Upgrade your security level with Salesmsg 2FA

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What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Online security just got more secure with the introduction of 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication). To gain access to an account, Salesmsg users first provide their username and password. Then for additional protection, they must provide another piece of information, like one-time pass code to make sure no one but you can enter your account. With this extra layer added in to protect accounts it's never been easier to stay safe online.

Enable 2FA for Individuals & Teams

First and foremost, you need to enable 2FA in the application settings. Go to your Personal Settings first to choose the right method for your account.

Then, you can go to Organisation Settings to enable 2FA for the whole team.

Two-factor authentication methods

You can choose one or several methods among the following options of two-factor authentication:

  • SMS (you'll receive a short code via SMS on your mobile phone)

  • Email (you'll receive a short code by email)

  • Authenticator App (your short code will be available in the app on your mobile phone)

Remember This Device

To skip the 2FA for 14 days you can just click the 'Remember This Device' checkbox when you first log into Salesmsg.

Manage 2FA Status of the team members

As an admin, you might come across the need of checking security settings on your team. Salesmsg got it covered. Admins are able to see the status of who on the team has two-factor authentication enabled in the members page in settings.

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