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Integrate your HubSpot account with Salesmsg to send and receive text messages in two-way conversations. Use HubSpot workflows to send mass texts. Leverage HubSpot reports for Salesmsg insights, and create HubSpot lists with Salesmsg properties to target the ideal audience.

Connect HubSpot

Head over to Settings > Integrations and click to connect your Hubspot account. Connect your HubSpot account.

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Configure Your HubSpot Settings

Once your integration has been successfully installed, you'll be able to configure the settings to customize the integration.

Contact Timeline Event Creation

Salesmsg will automatically save any incoming and outgoing texts and calls to the Contact, Deal, and Ticket timeline.

Event Per Message

This will save any individually sent or received message to the timeline.

Daily Conversation Recap

At the end of the day, this will create one timeline event that shows the messages for that specific day.

Contact Syncing

Salesmsg gives you the option to automatically sync your HubSpot contacts.

If contact is updated in Salesmsg then...

  • Do nothing in HubSpot (recommended)

  • Update contact in HubSpot

If contact doesn't exist in HubSpot, then...

  • Create a new HubSpot contact (recommended)

  • Do nothing in HubSpot

Import & sync HubSpot lists

You'll be able to import and sync your HubSpot lists directly with Salesmsg so all of your contacts stay up to date. You'll also be able to send a Broadcast directly to your HubSpot lists.

Map HubSpot Users to Salesmsg Users

This feature is used to map your HubSpot Contact Owners to the appropriate Salesmsg member so when you use the Workflow Action to send as the Contact Owner, Salesmsg will know who to send the text from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my members need to individually integrate from their Salesmsg accounts to their HubSpot accounts?

They do not, once the Organization Owner connects all the members will connect with their associated HubSpot accounts automatically.

Can a HubSpot user without a Salesmsg account use Salesmsg from HubSpot?

That user will not be able to do 2-way texting from their own HubSpot account, but they would be able to configure workflows with the Salesmsg numbers you do have.

How can I tell if my integration is disconnected?

Should an error occur on HubSpot or Salesmsg that disconnects your integration, the next time you log in to Salesmsg you'll see a large status bar at the top of your Salesmsg conversation page indicating your integration has disconnected.

Can I connect one HubSpot account with many Salesmsg accounts?

Yes you can. To enable this feature please reach out to us.

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